These are the professional pages of prof.dr. Marco Spruit. I am Full Professor of Advanced Data Science in Population Health at the department of Public Health & Primary Care (PHEG) of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) of the faculty of Science (FWN) of Leiden University.

My overarching research objective is to establish an authoritative national infrastructure for Dutch Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to facilitate and popularise Self-Service Data Science. Current and future work, as well as previous projects performed within UU's Applied Data Science Lab, are now embedded within the Translational Data Science Lab at Leiden University.

Within the broad spectrum of Data Science, the discipline of Translational Data Science encompasses the fields of Applied Data Science and Self-Service Data Science to translate new algorithms to novel applications and introduce new insights from these novel applications into daily practices, respectively. This is analogous to the well-known domain of Translational Medicine, where T1 refers to bench-to-bedside research, and T2 refers to clinial trials in daily practices. Our work, therefore, spans the entire knowledge discovery process (e.g. CRISP-DM). The overarching research objective is to establish an authoritative national infrastructure for Dutch Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to facilitate and popularise Self-Service Data Science. We focus in particular on the Population Health and Wellbeing domain (more).

I have notably conducted several European Horizon2020 studies (OPERAM, SAF21, SMESEC, GEIGER) and nationally funded research projects (e.g. STRIMP). I have authored 200+ publications including 85+ journal papers. My research team currently consists of 10 Ph.D students and 1 postdoc. I have successfully completed 7 Ph.D projects as daily supervisor.

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    ‎NLP: Free text analysis in EHRs and clinical notes (10/06/2022). Workshop session 3 at the NHG Science Day 2022, LUMC Campus The Hague, Leiden. [60+ min.]‎
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    ‎Natural Language Processing: from a Translational Data Science Perspective in Dutch Healthcare (24/05/2022). Introductory Talk in the Research Facility Data Analytics workshop on Free Text Analysis, LUMC, Leiden. [30 min.]‎
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  • TALKS: Inaugural lecture on 1 April 2022 16:00 CEST On 1 April 2022 at 16:00 CEST I delivered my inaugural lecture on the acceptance of the position of professor of Advanced Data Science in Population Health at Leiden ...
    Posted Apr 14, 2022, 1:09 AM by Marco Spruit
  • TALKS: Artificial Intelligence for Medication Reviews Today I gave an invited talk on "AI en farmacie in balans?" titled The STRIP Assistant Decade - Artificial Intelligence for Medication Reviews, at the Nederlandse Vereniging van ZiekenhuisApothekers (NVZA) Jaarcongres ...
    Posted Nov 4, 2021, 5:54 AM by Marco Spruit
  • OUT: STRIPA in BMJ As a trivial challenge, you could try to locate my name on this excellent milestone publication:Blum, Sallevelt, Spinewine, O'Mahony, Moutzouri, Feller, Baumgartner, Roumet, Jungo, Schwab, Bretagne, Beglinger, Aubert ...
    Posted Jul 15, 2021, 8:44 AM by Marco Spruit
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At the Leiden UMC Campus The Hague (LCDH) Marco is establishing the research line Translational Data Science in Population Health. This line has three themes. In Data Engineering for Population Health, we investigate the further consolidation, standardisation and enrichment of the ELAN information infrastructure, in line with Health-RI. In Data Analytics for Population Health, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques are investigated for their suitability to answer current and new types of LCDH research questions from a Self-Service Data Science perspective, in collaboration with the LIACS department. In eHealth Implementations for Population Health, we design and implement data science interventions through eHealth, mHealth and NLP software solutions within the LCDH region, in close collaboration with the LCDH partners and the National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL).

Before, I was an Associate Professor and, before that, Assistant Professor in the Natural Language Processing and Organisation & Information research groups, respectively, of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences within the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University for 13 years. Until 2007 I worked in industry for fourteen years as an Information Retrieval and Big Data engineer at ZyLAB Europe and the Intelligence Service, among others.