My university teaching qualification (BKO) portfolio (in Dutch) describes my vision and approach and also contains many student evaluations with respect to my lecturing tasks, including various MBI Thesis supervision tracks. Also, several of my lectures have been recorded on video and/or audio and are available from my Recordings page. Below are the master and bachelor courses I actively participated in recently (adhering to the departmental manual):
Below is a multi-perspective summary of my educational activities.


MSc thesis 1st supervisionship

5 - Completed:683 - In progress:92 - Committed:3-1 - Quit:3
Business Intelligence:37Data Analytics:30Health Informatics:22Information Security:11Text Analytics:10Social Media:4IT Strategy:3IT Sustainability:2... Information Infrastructure:1

MSc thesis 2nd supervisionship

5 - Completed:533 - In progress:32 - Committed:2-1 - Quit:4
Health Informatics:19Social Media:12Information Security:9Business Intelligence:8IT Strategy:7Data Analytics:6Other:5Text Analytics:4...Information Infrastructure:1

BSc thesis supervisionship

5 - Completed:333 - In progress:2-1 - Quit:5
Health Informatics:14Information Security:8Data Analytics:7IT Strategy:7Business Intelligence:6Text Analytics:4e-Government:2Mobile Technologies:1...Cloud Computing:1

Capita selecta supervisionship

5 - Completed:18-1 - Quit:1
Data Analytics:5Health Informatics:5Business Intelligence:4Information Security:4Social Media:3Text Analytics:2Knowledge Management:2 Text Analytics:1

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