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Graduation extravaganza!

posted Aug 30, 2012, 7:48 AM by Marco Spruit   [ updated Aug 30, 2012, 7:49 AM ]
Buckle up: here's the yearly graduation spree in full chronological effect! 

* On Wednesday 22/8 Sam Yeganeh defended his thesis research on Substation automation in the distribution grid: cost-benefit analysis for using line current differential protection together with wireless telecommunications technology for which he received an 8. On Thursday 23/8 Robbin van den Houten gave his long-awaited final talk on Proactive business intelligence: discovering key performance indicators and associated business rules from historical data using data mining techniques, resulting in a 7.
* On Monday 27/8 in the morning Katharina Pietzka defended her work on MD3M Master Data Management Maturity Model - Developing an Assessment to Evaluate an Organization’s MDM Maturity. In the afternoon Tim de Boer presented his research on Business Intelligence as a Service: A Vendor’s Approach. They both received an 8 for their efforts.
* On Tuesday 28/8 Martijn Roeling defended his thesis Towards an aligned organization on Information Security - Closing the gap between the actual level of information security and business information security requirements which resulted in a very nice 8.5! As the second supervisor Fabio Kornek received an 8 for his work on A Balanced Scorecard approach to Social CRM performance measurement. In the afternoon Fabio Kornek completed his research by presenting A Balanced Scorecard approach to Social CRM performance measurement. Also rewarded with an 8.

* On Wednesday 29/8 I went home in a somewhat dizzy state, how much defenses can one take in a day? At 11:00 Robert Vroon talked us through on his Knowledge discovery within the Dutch long-term care sector work: an 8. At 14:00 Jiann Haur Chok passed the finish line with Data mining: a journey of discovering new business opportunities: a 6. At 16:00 the closing remarks on Data quality in general practice: The influence of people, technology and processes were presented by Yang Lee Josaputra: a 6.5. At 17:00 Joost Geusebroek showed us his stuff on Cyber security: Towards a framework for managing cyber related risks from an integrated IT governance perspective: a 7.5. In between I graded BSc theses as well. At 13:00 Luit Wit and Michael Wilhelmus presented their Gebruikersacceptatie van een Evidence Based Medicine Beslissingsondersteunend Systeem research: a joint 7.5. At 15:00 Roel Esten flashingly presented his D66 survey findings titled Applying Knowledge Management and e-Participation in a local political environment: an 8.5!
* On Thursday 30/8 Ewoud Bloemendal presented From platform business strategy to app store characterization: a multiple-case study of app stores: an 8. Diederik Wortmann and Ties Carbo were last but not least to present their bachelor theses on HIS data integration - Screen scraper software evaluation and Juridische en technische beveiligingsaspecten bij data communicatie en integratie van beslissingsondersteunende systemen in de eerstelijnszorg, which Michiel Meulendijk and I rewarded with an 8 and 6.5, respectively.

That's 11 MSc's, for 3 of which I was the second supervisor, and 5 BSc's... Long live the langstudeerboete.