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EDU: Linguistics 101

posted Jan 8, 2019, 1:51 AM by Marco Spruit   [ updated Jan 8, 2019, 1:37 PM ]
Today I gave my favorite lecture again in the Data Analytics course: Linguistics 101! From Language in Context (Consonants, Vowels, Cognates, Indo-European, Language Changes, Diversity, Dialects) to illustrating why NLP is so hard, through Constituents, Collocations, Linguistic Levels, Ambiguity, and Other Difficulties. Obviously, I also cover Parts of Speech basics such as Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners and Adjectives, Verbs, and Other Parts of Speech in the first hour...

This provides the groundwork for the actual Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks of calculating Text Similarity (Automatic Similarity Computation, Types Of Text Similarity), Stemming (Morphological Similarity, Stemming, Porter’s Stemming Method, Porter’s Algorithm, Examples of Measures) and Edit distance (Spelling Similarity, Edit Operations, Levenshtein Method, Example, Pronunciation & Lexis).

All in 2 hours ;-)