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MBI: Tiffany frames secondary education

posted Dec 20, 2013, 8:07 AM by Marco Spruit
Today Tiffany Adriana successfully defended her research on Measuring educational quality in secondary education which she performed at Datapas. Me and Jan Martijn van der Werf awarded her efforts with a 7. Here's the abstract:
This research assesses the important factors in assuring education quality in secondary schools in the Netherlands by using a business intelligence approach. A Business intelligence framework is created by employing a business intelligence process to identify the stakeholders and components relevant to education quality. A framework for education quality is produced which consists of seven Critical Success Factors (CSF) and measured through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This framework is evaluated through expert interviews and a survey. The established framework shows that the most important factors in assuring education quality are a teacher’s ability to communicate with students. Then a feasibility analysis is conducted in the environment of an information system that is implemented for secondary schools in the Netherlands.