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MBI: Wouter controls hospitals

posted Jan 7, 2014, 2:56 PM by Marco Spruit
Just before Christmas, Wouter graduated on his ambitious Integral and Data-Driven Production Control for Hospitals project, for which Ronald and myself awarded him with a 7.5. Wouter's research focused on how integrated and data-driven production control can support decision-making on production and resource allocation plans in hospitals. Here's the abstract:

Hospitals experience a growing demand for care combined with a high expectancy for service delivery while they also have to deal with tighter budgets and constraints in resources. This requires hospitals to allocate their scarce resources as efficiently as possible in order to improve care delivery speed, minimize costs and increase patient satisfaction. However, current decision-making on production planning and resource allocation is based on estimates, rules-of thumb, and historically determined and mostly outdated agreements. This results in manageable, but inefficient plans that often require extensive ad-hoc adjustments. Hospital organizations lack an integrated system supported by information technology that can guide them in taking better informed decisions on production plans and how they fit a hospital’s available resources. 

This work contributes to the research domain by presenting three inter-related artifacts to support hospitals in better decision-making. The first artifact consisted of a detailed Hospital Production Control Method providing a set of chronological modules based on a previous framework on hospital production control, the characteristics and dependencies of hospital resources centers, and identified areas of improvement on current production control processes. A second artifact consisted of a multidimensional OLAP-structure providing the required architecture for the registration of and forecasting and planning on operational hospital data to drive the HPCM-processes. Finally, it presents a third artifact consisting of a web-based application providing stakeholders in hospital production control with the functionality to perform the process-steps indicated in the modules of the HPCM. The findings in this document are based on a comprehensive review of scientific and industry literature, expert interviews, and an extensive case study at a large hospital in The Netherlands.