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MSc: Kim graduates

posted Jun 27, 2012, 8:04 AM by Marco Spruit
Today Kim Verkooij successfully defended his MSc thesis research on Mobile Business Intelligence: The development of a mobile BI implementation framework. The grade: 8, is well deserved!

Abstract: The new generation of mobile devices enables the mobile workforce to get data-driven decision support anytime, anywhere. This trend is popularized under the term mobile BI, which is defined in this study as “the capability that enables the mobile workforce to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices”. Various studies indicate a strong increase in adoption of this emerging technology. However, mobile BI implementations remain unexplored and they are not yet supported by implementation methods. This study aimed at exploring the implications of mobile BI on traditional BI implementations in order to extend the scope of the supporting implementation methods. This objective was approached by conducting a thorough literature review which resulted in the identification and exploration of six major implementation themes: (1) value creation, (2) application deployment, (3) information security, (4) end-user enrolment, (5) information delivery and (6) device management. Moreover, by conducting expert interviews 22 key considerations where elicited that could be allocated a particular theme and an implementation phase. This research its findings of are modeled in the mobile BI implementation framework which can serve as a reference for project managers facing a mobile BI implementation. The framework was evaluated by a single case study that supported the results. Moreover, the framework was put in practice by adapting an actual BI implementation method, and was perceived as useful by the users of the method and practitioners.

Keywords: mobile business intelligence, implementation methods, mobile business applications, business intelligence.