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MSc: Stella shines!

posted Aug 24, 2011, 8:22 AM by Marco Spruit
Today Stella Pachidi has 'raised the bar' as her MSc thesis research on Software operation data mining: techniques to analyse how software operates in the field has resulted in the highest thesis grade awarded by Business Informatics ever: a whopping 9.5! Her Usage mining chapter alone is simply brilliant, investigating many relevant data mining algorithms, developing a highly detailed method, and implementing R scripts to evaluate them on a real 400,000+ records dataset. A nice master thesis in itself. But she added a Performance mining chapter as well, in a similar way, resulting in a method with relevant (and thus incorporating a different set of) algorithms, of which she also implemented a subset through R scripts to evaluate them on real data. So, that makes 2 theses. But, then, she also integrated all this work into one holistic view: the Software Operation Data Mining (SODM) framework. Concludingly, this body of work is actually 2.5 thesis. Then, divided by 404 pages = 161 pages per thesis, and applied to her time spent on each thesis: 19 months divided by 2.5 = 7.5 months per thesis, which is exactly according to our guidelines ;-)  Excellent work!