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XSc: An overdue update

posted Feb 2, 2015, 1:22 PM by Marco Spruit
Here's a long overdue update of my educational activities. Since Marco graduated on May 26, 7 more MBI students passed the finish line! In the research field of Business Intelligence, in anti-chronological order, Sander completed his work on Clinical decision support in surgical care for infection control, Paul on App-based social profiling of students from a health-care perspective, Alex on A Reference Architecture for a Dynamic Competitive Intelligence Solution, Yorick on Supporting Decision-making in Fraud Sensitive Environments, Jochem on Supporting incident management with population information derived from telecom data, and Bas on Effective and Efficient Classification of Topically-Enriched Domain-Specific Text Snippets. Bas even got a whopping 9 for his work, btw. It had been a few years since I could award such an exceptional grade. Finally, on the topic of HCI, Thijs also did really fine work on Text prediction in web-based text processing. I feel really fortunate to have been in a position to supervise this excellent group of master students.

Furthermore, keeping Marco's May 26 as a frame of reference, some bachelors handed in their theses as well since then. In anti-chronological order, Erik and Yoeri rose to the occasion to deliver Docent en ICT hand in hand - Framework voor de adoptie van ICT door docenten van de Universiteit UtrechtLeroy surprised me with Situationele factoren in cybersecurity, as did Thien Ly with Nederlandse ziekenhuizen op het internet: Een analyse van de beschikbaarheid van online zorgdiensten op ziekenhuis websites.

Next up: a long overdue update of my research activities.