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XSc: Two more women in IT

posted Jul 18, 2012, 4:19 AM by Marco Spruit
This morning Ana Stroe defended her MSc thesis research "An analysis on the maturity of the project management office" in such a way that Rik and myself graded her work with a 7.5, with an especially nicely done evaluation phase! Here's the abstract:
A Project Management Office (PMO) is a relatively new type of organizational unit, responsible for supervising internal projects. It supports an organization in making better decisions and sustaining its competitive advantage. Information is not always visible and accurate enough, and that is why gathering, analyzing, and combining different sources of information are performed inefficiently. PMOs do not always create and deliver the necessary knowledge for the decisional process. This research proposes a solution to this problem by developing a Project Management Office Maturity Model (PMOMM) that evaluates whether the information requirements of a PMO are implemented and supported by information systems. Based on an extensive literature study and expert interviews, the PMOMM was created, which consists of main project management processes, organized into capability areas. In order to assess the maturity level of a PMO, a maturity assessment questionnaire was developed. To validate the maturity model, 10 case studies were conducted in which the PMOs of the corresponding organizations were evaluated against the proposed maturity model. The analysis of the collected data from the case studies, led to the formulation of an organizational benchmark, a tool that compares individual scores in an objective way against the best practice and the average scores. The results of the analysis were tested for validity and confirmed by the case study respondents, who are experts in the project management field. The maturity model received positive feedback from these experts, who also stated that it can be used as a starting point for a more in-depth analysis. Moreover, they agreed that the PMOMM represents an easy, yet detailed checklist for organizations to see what is the current situation of their PMO.

Then, Sabine Penning presented her BSc thesis research "Betrouwbaar of niet? Gegevensverwerking bij Arend Auto" and ended up with a 7. Here's her project summary:
Informatiebeveiliging moet er voor zorgen dat opzettelijke verspreiding, wijziging of vernietiging van informatie niet kan plaatsvinden. Belangrijk hierbij is dat de informatie betrouwbaar wordt verwerkt. In een organisatie is er vaak sprake van geïntegreerde informatiesystemen, waardoor informatie kan worden uitgewisseld tussen deze systemen. Vertrouwelijkheid, integriteit en beschikbaarheid van informatie zijn drie belangrijke aspecten waardoor de betrouwbaarheid van de gegevensverwerking kan worden vastgesteld.
In dit onderzoek is er een case study uitgevoerd bij een autodealer. Hierbij is het in- en verkoopproces beoordeeld op de betrouwbaarheid van de gegevensverwerking. Het blijkt dat een organisatie risico kan lopen als er meerdere informatiesystemen binnen een proces worden gebruikt welke niet goed zijn geïntegreerd. Het is dan nodig om andere maatregelen te treffen, zoals repressieve controle.