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This list of 10 works in progress indicates the direction of my current research endeavours and upcoming papers.

Submitted:6In preparation:4

2018-10-09 14:16:47 (GMT)


  1. Janssen,J., Spruit,M., & Batenburg,R. (Submitted). M-R**: a M***** R*** A********* M***** f** E********* M***** S*******. Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, Submitted Apr 2014.
  2. Kais,M., Menger,V., & Spruit,M. (Submitted). A********* B******* G*** E********* f*** E-m*** R*********** t* B******** B******* U************. Computers in Human Behavior, SI: Anticipatory Computing. [ISI impact factor: 3.435]
  3. Meppelink,J., Langen,J.van, Siebes,A., & Spruit,M. (Submitted). K*** t** b***: s****** m***** p**** d*** t* m****** t****** i**********. Computers in Human Behavior, SI: Anticipatory Computing. [ISI impact factor: 3.435]
  4. Shen,Z., Krimpen,H. van, & Spruit,M. (Submitted). A s******* A**-b**** a******* f** c******* N**. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, Submitted Jun 2018. [ISI impact factor: 1.643]
  5. Menger et al (Submitted). S********* R**** o* E** D*** i* H********* O************: t** C**** R******* I************* F********. HEALTHINF 2019.
  6. Sarhan,I., & Spruit,M. (Submitted). U********* A********** A********* i* O*** I********** E*********: A L********* R*****. 30th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

In preparation

  1. Spruit,M., & Linden,V. van der (In preparation). B****: T** B******* I****** o* D*** Q****** I**************** M****. Applied Computing and Informatics.
  2. Syed,S., Aodha,L. niě, Scougal,C., & Spruit,M. (In preparation). M****** t** g***** n****** o* f******** s****** c************. R********** o* b****-b**** s********* o* k******** p*********?. Nature Scientific Reports.
  3. Yigit Ozkan,B., Lingen,S. van, & Spruit,M (In preparation). C*****: T** C************ F**** A*** M******* m****.
  4. Renes,C., & Spruit,M. (In preparation). W*** d* y** m***? T** C****-D*** m***** f** r*** c**** a******* o* d*** i*************** p******* w***** a******* i********** s****** . .