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This list of 3 works in progress indicates the direction of my current research endeavours and upcoming papers.

Submitted:2In preparation:1

2021-05-12 10:21:17 (GMT)


  1. Kais,M., Menger,V., & Spruit,M. (Submitted). A********* B******* G*** E********* f*** E-m*** R*********** t* B******** B******* U************. Computers in Human Behavior, SI: Anticipatory Computing. [ISI impact factor: 4.306]
  2. Lefebvre,A., & Spruit,M. (Submitted). L********* F********: A* I************ A******* f** M******* E*********** D*** i* L***********. Information Systems Frontiers. [ISI impact factor: 2.539]

In preparation

  1. Felix,S., Vries,N. de, Ramjankhan,F., Spruit,M., Buijsrogge,M., Jonge,N. de, Suyker,W., & Asselbergs,F. (In preparation). P********* a****** e***** i* m********* c********** s****** u**** a********* i***********.