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This list of 2 works in progress indicates the direction of my current research endeavours and upcoming papers.


2022-01-14 14:03:30 (GMT)


  1. Borger,T., Mosteiro,P., Kaya,H., Rijcken,E., Salah,A., & Scheepers,F.Spruit,M. (Submitted). F******** L******* f** V******* I******* P********* i* a s******** C****-i************ P********** S******. Expert Systems with Applications. [JIF: 6.954]
  2. Siegersma,K., Evers,M., Bots,S., Groepenhoff,F., Appelman,Y., Hofstra,L., Tulevski,I., Somsen,A., Den Ruijter,H., Spruit,M., & Onland-Moret,C. (Submitted). A****** D*** R******** I************* i* c******* N**** (A****): W*** e******** m***** a** s***** m*******. JMIR Medical Informatics. [JIF: 2.96]