Current research team

Here's only a part of my gang of 12 PhD students and 1 scientific programmer, segmented by research field.
Health Analytic Systems

Wienand Omta, MSc

Wienand Since December 2011 I am a co-promotor of Wienand Omta. Wienand's research is about Cell Screening Analysis, Architecture and Knowledge Discovery. This research investigates data management efficiency in high throughput processes for drug discovery and functional genomics to improve the effectiveness of data analysis by using advanced data-mining techniques and improving the compatibility and openness of systems to connect external databases and ontologies.

Vincent Menger, MSc

Vincent Since March 2015 I am the co-promotor of Vincent Menger in the PhD Project Psychiatry Research Analytics InfraStructurE (PRAISE), which aims to predict psychiatric conditions such as schizofrenia and autism through patient fingerprinting techniques enabled by an interorganisational information integration architecture which combines best practices knowledge with big data analytics explorations.

Ian Shen, MSc

Since July 2015 I am the co-promotor of Shengru (Ian) Shen in the Horizon2020 project OPERAM, to develop a semantically interoperable and artificially intelligent medication prescribing platform named STRIP Assistant (STRIPA) 3.0 for OPtimising thERapy to prevent Avoidable hospital admissions in the Multimorbid elderly throughout Europe. 

Raj Jagesar, MSc

Raj Since June 2016 I am the co-promotor of Raj Jagesar, who focuses on passive mobile health systems where the mobile device is used as a measuring instrument. Passivity of the system means that no user interaction is required for data collection, a trait not commonly found in existing mobile health initiatives. 
Information Infrastructure

Jan van Dijk, MSc

Since 2012 I am the co-promotor of Jan van Dijk. Jan's external PhD research investigates the Data Space approach on the crossroads of Data Warehousing, Privacy Preservation, and Semantic Technologies, as published in Preserving privacy whilst integrating data: Applied to criminal justice, among others.

Armel Lefebvre, MSc

Armel’s research investigates what makes computational experiments (CEs) reusable and reproducible, to facilitate the recording and exploitation of previous work, and how to enable new (meta)analytics of previous scientific work inside and between scientific groups, starting from research fields closely related to *omics technologies to build a preliminary maturity matrix of data and method management in research labs.

Text Analytics

Shaheen Syed, MSc

Shaheen’s Horizon2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSC) – ITN - ETN research investigates the effectiveness and efficiency of a range of text analytics techniques—from NLP-based to MLbased and combinations thereof—to help improve our understanding of stakeholder opinions and perceptions for better social marketing and management strategies within the fisheries domain.

Noha Seddik Tawfik, MSc

Noha's PhD research is titled Text Analytics In Life Sciences & Health (TAILS) which she pursues from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt.